Implants are killing me

Hey Guys! I’m Racheal Blaze and I’m in the fight of my life literally. I’ve been sick from my Breast Implants. I have Saline Breast Implants under the Muscle. I got my implants 10 years ago. I have 420 cc Allergan Breast Implants.  I thought Breast Implants were safe according to the FDA and my surgeon. I did my research however there was not allot of information back then as there is today. I wanted to have a career in modeling. The agencies I was working with were pretty brutal about the proportional size of my breasts and basically told me I had to make them look better in order to model. 

If I had known what I know today I would NEVER have put them in my body! I have severe debilitating symptoms such as Skin rashes, lesions, inflammation, swelling of the face, hair loss, muscle aches, bones aches, nerve pain, I’m limited on the foods I can eat now, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, low Thyroid, chronic Fatigue, low Adrenals, over 10 lumps in each Breast, swollen lymph glands, dizzy, chronic sinus infections, staph infections, eye infections, dry skin, aging, blurred vision, heart palpitations, loud ringing in my ears, migraines, weight gain, insomnia and there are so many more symptoms I’ve suffered over a period of years since getting Implants. I could never correlate the constant sickness with my implants until one day I received an email from a woman who had asked if I had breast implants. I kindly replied and said yes. That’s when she referred me to Nicole Durada’s FB page Breast Implant Illness and Healing by Nicole. I was in denial at first. How can this be? Until I read the countless stories with symptoms just like mine! Thank God she did because that group of 45,000 woman is saving my life with knowledge and education beyond what my 25 specialists could do for me and all the medications they prescribed that didn’t work, that only caused my illness to get worse. I BELIEVE! 

This is my last hope to get the surgery I need in order to get my life again! I have been told by the surgeon that I should make a 95% to 100% recovery. But the longer they stay in the worse it gets for me. I’m not sure how much longer I can control these many symptoms with the debilitating pain.  If i don’t get this surgery I could Die. The end result is not good for my daughter or my family or those who love me! 

I’ve teamed up with Grunt Style who graciously Designed this beautiful T-shirt to help me raise the funds for the surgery and healing time I need! 

I’m hoping you all will purchase a T-shirt to support the efforts to get the surgery and raise awareness! 

The min goal is 100 shirts sold to keep the campaign going. I have a two week window to sell as many shirts as I can. The low goal is 500 in two weeks. Ultimate Goal is 3,000 Shirts SOLD!!!

God Bless My Good Friend UFC creator and founder Art Davie who gave me the boost and his belief in me to start this fundraiser! I have allot of supportive people who are dedicating their time to put this out there and push these shirts hard! 

If you thought you were dying or even felt like you were dying you would do what ever you could to not die especially when you have a 15 year old Daughter who needs you! I will not give up! Please BUY A GRUNT STYLE T-SHIRT TO SAVE MY LIFE! 

If you are thinking of getting breast implants please please do your research. These implants are killers. They take your life that you once knew it to be and turn it into a never ending nightmare! Hundreds of thousands of dollars later. Health has no price tag nor a quality of life! Beauty is vein! Appreciate the beautiful body you were born with. Learn from my journey to know it’s not worth it in the end! Don’t let your life flash before your eyes for something that is not necessary  for whatever reasons you may think of doing it! 

Please Buy this custom Grunt Style T-shirt to help save my life! 

Please check out Nicole Duradas Website https://healingbreastimplantillness.com to get more information on Breast Implant Illness! It will blow your mind how bad these implants truly are. 

Video explaining technique