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Racheal Blaze has truly added the Blaze Effect to Skull Geek Racing.  It is truly an honor and a privilege to a part of The Blaze Army.  Being a part of iRacing for the last 2 years has been very exciting, but Racheal has made it better and helped me increase my popularity 150%.  Being a promoter is only half of the job, she has done for my team, putting in that “Blaze Effect” is her other half.  Thanks Racheal.


Samuel Doughty
Skull Geek Racing

“Racheal is one of the hardest working and outgoing individuals I have ever met!  Not only does she help and support her community, but also goes the extra distance for each person she comes across.  I have worked withRacheal for several months and have been amazed by her quick thinking, integrity, and ability to get the job done!  Great speaker, people person, and works very well under pressure! If you want all of the above, then you wantRacheal Blaze!”

Todd Bates – CEO/General Manager – WHVR Digital Broadcasting, Inc.
My name is Duane Stelzik, and I want everyone who reads this to know that I think Racheal Blaze is a wonderful, genuine person who truly cares about the fighters. Racheal has been such a positive influence in my son Joseph’s life. Joseph is a youth MMA fighter. Racheal has always had words of encouragement for him and has personally come out to see him fight and show support for the next generation. We are very blessed to have met Racheal Blaze and to know that there is someone out there who really cares about all fighters and how they develope and are treated in the sport of MMA.

I would like to add that by knowing Racheal Blaze many other doors of opportunity have opened up for my son. Racheal has introduced us to many people in the MMA world; fighters, promoters, gym operators, sponsors and other parents with kids that are into the sport of MMA. Racheal Blaze and the Blaze effect is truly inspiring and motivating and all fighters can benefit from the Blaze effect.
Duane Stelzik
If you want Promotions then the Blaze is ready get
KO’s for you!!!!!!!!
 I’m Henry S. Salas, Trainer and Mentor @ POPPA HENRY’S BOXING and LIFE LESSONS in Bastrop , Tx.  I am proud to say Racheal Blaze is an inspiration in the promoting field.
I also want to say that the BLAZE has introduced me to Combat Sports in a whole new way. From showing off pro fighters and gyms, to also including the youth that are interested in combat sports.  Her promoting skills are HOT!!! ( No pun intended ).
I love to see all the new prospects and events that she is promoting.
This is the way to go if ya need to reach the fans, not to mention
future fans!!!!!  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…
” The BLAZE is HOT!!!! “
                                           Poppa Henry S. Salas
Racheal has become a friend to our family and has taken our daughter Taylor “The Terror” as one of her own. She has promotedTay since the day she came to herBjj Academy and sat through her training, including doing a crash coarse in BrazilianJiuJitsu with a dangerous 12 year old as her instructor. Since thenRacheal has personally rootedTay on at tournaments, invited us toMMA events (where Taylor was treated 1st class like a star) attracted sponsors, and has included her in many photo shoots to help spread the word about a youngBjj fighter doing some amazing things that would certainly have gone unnoticed. We are thankfulRacheal has taken a liking and interest inTay, there isalot of talent in youthBjj and people should know about it.Thank youRacheal!!

Jerry & Lisa, parents of Taylor “The Terror” Guerra- 11* Naga Champion